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Stone Edge Polishing Machine
Stone Edge Polishing Machine

Stone Edge Polishing Machine

Stone machine for edge profile and polishing
Product ID : MB3000L
Product Attributes :

Stone Edge Polishing Machine and Profile

Product Description

Stone edge polishing machine


The machine works the edge profiling and polishing on countertops, vanity tops, slab, steps, door frame, skirting board, etc.

It is able to do the straight edge and also suitable for the inner curved edge.

Also the polish head can turn 90 degree horizontally to make the stone line bars.

The working speed is adjustable at a wide range to fit well kinds of materials.

It is capable of running in semi-automatic and very easy to operate.

The mono structure is sturdy and overhead track with linear bearings provide longtime use.


Specification stone edge polish machine


Edge polish machine for granite marble stone

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