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Back Splash Polish Machine
Back Splash Polish Machine

Back Splash Polish Machine

Back splash machine to polish granite marble edge
Product ID : MB9000
Product Tags : Edge Polish Machine
Product Attributes :

Polish machine for back spalsh of granite marble

Product Description

Backsplash polish machine for granite marble

The machine with multi heads for polishing granite and marble on the back splash counter tops, sills, etc.

Able to do both the flat polish and bevel polish on the stone edges.

Inlet and outlet with rollers and clamps for long pieces.

Variable speed drive motor with speed control for belt.

Cast iron bridge structure for stable performance and long life.

Automatic running and very easy to oprate.

Back splash polish machine specification

Back splash polishing Edge polish flat & bevel

Granite bevel polish Granite edge machine multi heads

Multi heads polish Granite edge machine belt drive

Back splash machine automatic Back splash machine control automatic

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